Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When technology t-shirts should not be used as night-shirts

Last night Wayne and I attended the keynote at the Microsoft TechEd in Auckland and the welcome event afterwards.  As a female in technology I have become used to being given primarily male targeted vendor gifts over the years, I have a draw full of t-shirts which has everything on them from Office 2000 (too embarrassing to now be worn out in public- now used as a garden weeding shirt), to PeopleSoft t-shirts, which now of course the company no longer exists in that form and is now Oracle.  Needless to say I just can't bear to throw them out, a constant reminder of the glory days!

I do remember when I look at my PeopleSoft t-shirt with number 9050 emblazoned on the back, I will never forget the day I was given it. I was told anyone with a number under 1,000 was officially an instant millionaire through the Peoplesoft shares they held. 

With the shares I had, I was able to purchase my first BMW and my ownership of Business Mechanix, I was still one of the fortunate ones to get at least get a reasonable amount out while the going was good!  However was 8,000 people to late to be an instant Millionaire through my PeopleSoft shares!

So this brings me to the fits of laughter that Wayne and I were in last night when we pulled out our t-shirts we were gifted from Microsoft.  Before I looked at them I knew they were massive sizing, mainly men's.  I looked at the tag and said to Wayne- "Mine is a Men's Large, it will probably only be good as a night-shirt for me as its too big for me, but too small for you". 
Wayne then looked at his, and as he already uses T-Shirts as nightwear anyway, was rather happy that his actually would fit him and that he could wear them to bed.

And then we held them up. It was an OMG moment
I sometimes love technology marketers for their acronyms and single words to describe something technical, but I had to laugh at this lot.  Yes, it was taken completely out of context, but you must remember these shirts were to be worn as night-shirts.

Wayne held his shirt up and it was a totally plain black t-shirt and in bold white writing on the front it simply said:- "Electrify".

I then held mine up, same style shirt, plain black with bold white font.  It simply said "Begin".

We both burst out laughing, how completely in-appropriate!
I do have to admit in small font on the back collar there is an "office" logo for Microsoft Office, however would not be seen from the front.

Still in fits of laughter, I thought back to another shirt I saw at the Teched event on someone demonstrating the Microsoft Kinect games and it said "I am the controller". 
I just told Wayne he was very lucky that I did not get that shirt in my pack!

Microsoft- at the end of the day, I do appreciate your gifts and I know its always about the thought that counts as I am potentially one of the lucky ones to have probably a limted edition t-shirt- thanks!!


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  2. Thanks for the kind words- I've had some great feedback so far so I'll continue to blog if people are keen to read!