Lyndal Stewart

A talented high energy, busy person with a passion for seeing others, both businesses and individuals succeed and grow.  Passionate about all things motivational with a soft spot for business,  education, technology and back-care.

A graduate in Business & Management at AUT and a career which has meandered through a number of sectors in its journey to the top.  Sectors including insurance, retail management & training, education, manufacturing, finance & accounting, professional services, health and local government.

A change instigator with a solid blue-chip background.

If you ask me what I will be doing in 5 years time, I'd flash a cheeky grin and say "still learning from the top, your journey never stops!"

My ultimate dream would be to emulate that lady on the old telecom adverts where the woman was working from her beach house and someone was painting her toenails under the table during her conference call.(...unfortunately my dream location - Pukehina has the worst cell-coverage you've ever seen!).  After my morning conference call, I would probably exercise for a couple of hours, have some lunch and do a spot of kayak fishing with my husband if the time was right.  For dinner I would be cooking the fish I had caught and harvesting veges from my organic garden I took pride in growing.

Realistically I would also be keeping an eye on what was happening at work and with the world in general while all of this was I just don't stop!

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